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Country Legal Registers

A CORE "country legal register" is an inventory of health and safety laws and regulations of a country that relate to a topical scope applicable to an office, retail or service sector setting.

Country Audit Checklists

A CORE "country audit checklist" is a list of questions based on the laws and regulations of a country when answered checks (audits) the compliance of the site.

EHS Smart Start

EHS Smart Start is an EHS audit and action workflow system. This comprehensive software, developed by Optial and customized by convergence, provides office, retail, and service sector users a foundation (a core) for a compliance program and management system.

Country Compliance Calendars

Country Compliance Calendars, coming in 2018, identify and describe EHS regulatory compliance events or activities, and the frequency with which those events or activities must be conducted. Calendars can be purchased as a stand-alone module or integrated into Country Legal Registers or Audit Checklists. Preorder before February 1, 2018 for the one-time discount price of $500.