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What is a Country Audit Checklist?

A CORE Country Audit Checklist is a list of questions based on the laws and regulations of a country when answered checks (audits) the compliance of the site.  A Checklist builds on the information and value of the Legal Register by providing the specific requirements of the health and safety laws and presenting them in a question format; whereas the Legal Register provides a general descriptive summary of the laws. The User of a Checklist is given the additional value of access to that country’s Legal Register at no additional charge. Click here for the list of 25+ available Country Audit Checklists.

Primary Features

  • Presents the main requirements of each law in a simple question format.
  • Questions are often supplemented with guidance to ensure comprehension of the question.
  • Easily customized to an operation.
  • Updated annually with legislative changes.
  • Plus all of the same features as the Legal Registers:
    • Organized by H&S topic
    • Linked to the full text of the law
    • Keyword searchable
    • Presented in dual language
    • Custom reporting
    • Simply exports to Excel, PDF, XML

Business Value

An Audit Checklist (often called a protocol) is a tool typically used to assess a site's compliance with predetermined criteria, and in this case the criteria is country health and safety laws and regulations that apply to an office or retail operation; see the topical scope. Our Checklist is the right tool for:

  • Self-Assessment
  • Internal Corporate Audit
  • Supplier Compliance Assessment
  • Regulatory Guidance
  • Safety Committee’s Site Inspection
  • Verifying the Effectiveness of an H&S Management System.