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What is EHS Smart Start?

convergence's third offering in its CORE Suite of Country Compliance Tools is an audit and action workflow system known as EHS Smart Start. EHS Smart Start is a powerful yet simple software platform that makes it easy to manage your EHS compliance audits and corrective actions to closure, measure and report progress and performance. The underlying risk management software was designed and developed by Optial primarily for the banking and insurance sectors with prestigious customers such as the Bank of England and Standard Chartered Bank, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB and the Rothschild Group. Optial, in collaboration with convergence, redesigned the system for the environmental, health and safety audit and corrective action process - keeping in mind the principles of simplicity, flexibility, intuitiveness and relevant data. This tool completes the CORE suite and provides office, retail and service sector users a foundation (a core) for a compliance program and management system.

Primary Features

  • Create and implement an Audit Plan. 
  • Customize the CORE Country Checklist to site operations or import your own checklist.
  • Answer the Checklist questions in the system or download into Excel, work offline and upload answers in two clicks – no re-keying of data into the system.
  • Drive the audit process or corrective actions by alerting people to take an action by a particular date, and recording actions taken. 
  • Track and trend findings and correctives actions over time, issues or locations. 
  • Generate real-time status reports for any site, country, region or globally.
  • Present custom performance dashboards.

Business Value

EHS Smart Start provides a company with the tools to effectively and simply measure and manage health and safety compliance, and the guidance to improve H&S performance – essential to achieve business objectives and reduce corporate risk and legal liabilities.  With EHS Smart Start an organization can:

  • Manage the H&S compliance of its global operations from a single platform
  • Institute a consistent approach to each audit and corrective actions
  • Establish a continually updated legal compliance program to satisfy management system standards
  • Identify and address critical compliance issues without delay and through real-time data capture
  • Integrate H&S management activities and technology with broader business operations
  • Drive communications of Lessons Learned, Good Management Practices of Risks within the organization and between sites.