60,000 UK Construction Workers Lay Down Tools to Promote Health, Safety, and Wellbeing

Around 60,000 UK construction industry professionals laid down their tools on April 18th for Stop. Make a Change, a one-day event aiming to highlight the health, safety, and wellbeing challenges faced by the industry. Over 50 organisations, including big names such as HSE and Skanska, signed in support of the event which will took place in over 1,000 sites, offices, and production facilities across the country. Over 30 of these organisations made commitments to improve mental health, fatigue, plant safety, and respiratory health among their workers. The Construction Industry Training Board was a key supporter of the event; CITB chief executive Sarah Beale said: “It’s great to see so many employers getting behind this important campaign…. Stop. Make a Change signals a new, heightened awareness of health and wellbeing issues among construction firms and their employees across the UK, which CITB is pleased to support.” Read more here.