Samsung Apologizes for Worker Deaths and Illnesses Following Settlement

On Friday 23 November, Samsung Electronics President & CEO Kinam Kim formally apologized for not properly managing toxic conditions which led to the illnesses and deaths of a number of employees who worked at two of Samsung’s manufacturing plants. “Samsung Electronics failed to sufficiently manage health threats at our semiconductor and liquid crystal display manufacturing lines. The company sincerely apologizes to victimized employees and families,” Kim said during a news conference in Seoul, which was also attended by activists and relatives of the ailing workers.

Multiple workers at the semiconductor and LCD plants have been diagnosed with grave illnesses such as leukemia and brain tumors.

The apology comes weeks after Samsung and representatives of ailing and deceased former Samsung workers reached a settlement following a highly publicized 11-year long legal battle; the formal apology was a condition of the settlement. Additionally, Samsung will provide compensation for various illnesses faced by employees who worked at the two factories between 1984 and the present day. The compensation also covers miscarriages and congenital illnesses faced by affected employees’ children.

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