Louisiana Firm Designs Fashionable, Female-Friendly Flame-Resistant Clothing

Models exhibit a lineup of hautework's fire-resistant clothing.   courtesy: hautework

Models exhibit a lineup of hautework's fire-resistant clothing.  courtesy: hautework

In the summer of 2010, petroleum engineering intern Jaime Glas put on fire-resistant clothing (FRC) for the first time. She found it to be not only drab, but also poorly fitted for the female anatomy and therefore less safe than possible. From then on, Glas made it her mission "to design safe, comfortable, and stylish FRC that is flattering for all women."

When the oil and gas industry took its most recent downturn in 2016, Glas left her petroleum engineering job to found Hautework, a company dedicated to designing and selling female-friendly FRC. Hautework's products are UL-certified and made in the United States, making them more expensive than conventional FRC and therefore keeping Hautework off the radar of most oil and gas companies' procurement systems. Most of the Hautework's sales are direct to consumers - female workers who choose not to wear their companies' standard-issue FRC.

In an interview with Rigzone - an online news publication covering the oil and gas industry - Glas had this to say regarding the claim that FRC are meant for safety and not for style/appearance: "The reality is that wearing ill-fitting FR garments can be extremely unsafe. Offering properly fitting garments for women is our primary mission, but adding a few style elements here and there does not compromise this motivation whatsoever. Plus, you have to wear these clothes for most of the day, so you might as well feel good in them."

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