UAE Introduces New Health and Safety Legislation

A new United Arab Emirates occupational health & safety law called Article 22 is expected to reduce workplace accidents and attract more skilled workers to the country. At the first national forum for safety and occupational health in Dubai, health and safety leaders discussed changes brought on by the passage of Article 22; issues addressed include restrictions on working in high temperatures or humidity and exposure to potentially harmful chemicals, viruses or parasites. Article 22 also considers social issues including workplace relationships and psychological pressure.

Cranes peek through the fog in Dubai.   Courtesy:

Cranes peek through the fog in Dubai.  Courtesy:

"We started to develop a guide on occupational health and safety three years ago," said Dr Ayesha Suhail, director of primary health care at the UAE health ministry. “It is now compulsory for companies to develop a health and safety guide for the nature of any job.” Government and labor representatives, as well as doctors and other health & safety experts, have begun participating in workshops to discuss safety standards, their implications and costs of occupational diseases and accidents. Read more here.