Same ACM Cladding Used in Grenfell Tower Found in 44 Scottish Schools

In the wake of the tragic burning of Grenfell Tower in London in June, the Ministerial Working Group for building and fire safety was established to oversee a review of fire safety regulatory frameworks across the UK. The Working Group reported on 17 July that they had found the same type of aluminium composite material (ACM) cladding used in Grenfell Tower in 44 schools across Scotland. Scottish building regulations forbid the use of this type of ACM cladding in high-rise buildings but allow it for other buildings, including schools. Officials in Glasgow, where 31 of these schools are located, have confirmed that this type of ACM of cladding was used as a finishing material, but added that the cladding accounts for less than 0.1% of the exterior fabric of the school buildings. One Glasgow City official said, “We have stringent fire safety standards in our schools. The combination of fire detection and suppression systems, fire drills and fire evacuation procedures provide a high standard of fire safety… The amount of ACM building material used is minimal; it is in a small number of schools and its use is compliant with safety regulations.” Read more here.

The aftermath of the burning of Grenfell Tower.   Courtesy: The Santiago Times

The aftermath of the burning of Grenfell Tower.  Courtesy: The Santiago Times



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