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What are Country Audit Checklists?

A CORE "country audit checklist" is a list of questions based on the laws and regulations of a country, which when answered, checks (audits) the compliance of the site.  

A Checklist builds on the information and value of the Legal Register by providing the specific requirements of the health and safety laws and presenting them in a question format; whereas the Legal Register provides a general descriptive summary of the laws. Checklist users are given the additional value of access to that country’s Legal Register at no additional charge

Click here for the list of 24+ available Country Audit Checklists.

Primary Features

  • Presents the main requirements of each law in a simple question format.
  • Questions are often supplemented with guidance to ensure comprehension of the question.
  • Easily customized to an operation.
  • Updated annually with legislative changes.
  • Plus all of the same features as the Legal Registers:
    • Organized by H&S topic
    • Linked to the full text of the law
    • Keyword searchable
    • Presented in dual language
    • Custom reporting
    • Simply exports to Excel, PDF, XML

Business Value

An Audit Checklist (often called a protocol) is a tool typically used to assess a site's compliance with predetermined criteria, and in this case the criteria is country health and safety laws and regulations that apply to an office or retail operation; see the topical scope. Our Checklist is the right tool for:

  • Self-Assessment
  • Internal Corporate Audit
  • Supplier Compliance Assessment
  • Regulatory Guidance
  • Safety Committee’s Site Inspection
  • Verifying the Effectiveness of an H&S Management System.