Independent Audit of Qatar World Cup Construction Contractors Reveals Continued Worker Abuse

Khalifa International Stadium while it was under construction in Doha, Qatar.   Courtesy: FIFA

Khalifa International Stadium while it was under construction in Doha, Qatar.  Courtesy: FIFA

Findings from an independent audit conducted by Impactt Ltd., published in April 2017, revealed continued abuse of migrant workers by contractors hired to help build Qatar’s 2022 World Cup stadiums and facilities. This audit of 10 randomly selected contractors indicated some improvement in working conditions since Amnesty International’s own study last year, which also revealed poor and dangerous conditions at World Cup construction sites and workers’ living quarters. However, conditions under many Qatari contractors are still far from meeting international standards set by the International Labour Organization, and at least a few abuses were identified for every contractor participating in the audit. Some figures from Impactt Ltd.’s findings include:

  • 79% of workers reported paying recruitment fees to get their jobs.
  • Contractors are making workers work excessive hours, with half not giving them rest days, including one person who worked continuously without a day off for almost five months (148 days).
  • 25% of workers at one company said they felt unable to report health and safety concerns for fear of reprisal.
  • Four of the 10 contractors surveyed were holding worker’s passports, which is potentially an offence under Qatari law.

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