Ghana MP Advocates for Establishment of Dedicated Health and Safety Authority

In an address to the Parliament House of Ghana on June 13, MP (member of parliament) Frank Annoh-Dompreh advocated for the establishment of a dedicated government health and safety authority. Health and safety legislation in Ghana is currently the responsibility of the Ghana Standards Authority, which focuses its supervision efforts on end-product delivery. Said Annoh-Dompreh, “I sincerely think Ghana needs a body that will focus on the manufacturing and processing of the products before the end products are churned out.” He made it clear that the Standards Authority and the new health and safety authority should not have conflicting roles. Annoh-Dompreh ended his address by asking his colleagues to “as soon as possible begin the crafting of the relevant enabling bill which would eventually be passed into law to establish the Commission for Health and Safety to provide for the safety, health and welfare of persons employed in the workplace.”

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MP Frank Annoh-Dompreh.   Courtesy: Ghana News Agency

MP Frank Annoh-Dompreh.  Courtesy: Ghana News Agency



convergence is an environmental, health, safety and social management consultancy that specializes in multi-country (international) projects and programs.  We are able to meet our clients’ needs on a global scale while recognizing the important regional differences that our clients face in conducting business. Our country health and safety legal compliance tools for offices, retail and service sectors, known as CORE, are the foremost resource of its kind.