After Numerous Deaths in Israel, Construction Safety Inspection Force to Grow from 18 to Over 2,500

With dozens of construction workers dying on the job in Israel every year, the Social Affairs Ministry wants local governments to start taking responsibility for their safety. On March 28, the Occupational Safety Administration sent letters to municipalities across Israel detailing three new orders to be followed immediately, one of which would make municipal building inspectors check for safety regulations, effectively increasing the number of construction safety inspectors from 18 to over 2500 - more than enough for the estimated 13,000 active worksites in the country.

A busy construction site in the center of tel aviv.   courtesy: times of israel

A busy construction site in the center of tel aviv.  courtesy: times of israel

The Social Affairs Ministry expects this move to stop contractors from cutting corners when it comes to maintaining a safe work environment. “Now contractors know that a [safety] inspector will come to their site maybe once in two years, if at all, and they can let safety matters slide without being caught,” said the head of the Ministry’s Occupational Safety Division, Ran Cohen. “The moment municipal inspectors come into the picture, contractors will understand that they can no longer neglect employee safety.” Read more here.



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