Trades Union Congress: Nearly Half of UK Workplaces Lacking Safety Inspections

A new survey put out by the Trades Union Congress shows that nearly half of UK workplaces have never had a health and safety inspection, with more that 80% of construction workplaces lacking any Health and Safety inspections at all. Manufacturing was the only sector that boasted a majority (57%) of safety reps claiming to have had an inspection from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) during the past year. By 2019/2020 government funding of the HSE will have been slashed by nearly half, and in recent years, local councils have reduced workplace inspections by 97%. The General Secretary for the Trades Union Congress has stated how “huge cuts to the HSE and to local authorities continue to undermine vital safety protections at work. That means more workers at risk of accidents in unsafe workplaces every day.” Read more here.